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Vibrations & Acoustics Laboratory

Our Mission

OZU Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory is a state of the art teaching/research facility involved in theoretical, numerical and experimental analysis of engineering systems. The major mission of the laboratory is:

  • to conduct fundamental and applied research in vibrations and acoustics
  • to support the challenging industry projects and provide technology transfer to industry
  • to promote undergraduate/graduate education in vibrations and acoustics and prepare students to industry and academia for their future careers
About Our Laboratory

OZU Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory supports the researchers and students who are concerned about solving engineering problems related to vibrations and acoustics. The laboratory contains various simulation and testing tools to address challenging research problem in the area of vibration, acoustics and multi-body dynamics. The undergraduate and graduate students can also practice the theoratical knowledge using computational and experimental resources of the laboratory. At OZU Vibration and Acoustics Lab, the students can:

  • conduct modal testing experiment to understand the dynamic characteristics of the mechanical systems
  • study the dynamic impact and multi body dynamics of mechanical systems both computationally  and experimentally